Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drew Video

I made a little video of Drew's first couple weeks on our new Mac. It's the first time I've used iMovie, so it's a little choppy - but I had fun!

Hope you enjoy! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food Art

One of the nights while we were still in the hospital with Drew, Shawn brought Charlie home to spend the evening with him and tuck him into bed. On the drive to our house from the hospital, Shawn asked Charlie what he would like to do for the evening.

Charlie's plan: make french toast for dinner, make some "Food Art", and then of course a nice long story before getting tucked into bed. :)

Shawn decided to capture some of the moments on the iTouch to share with me when he got back to the hospital. So glad he did! I got such a kick out of these video clips. They really capture our Charlie and his funny little quirks. And even more, it is a perfect snap-shot of the kinds of things that Shawn is always doing with Charlie. The kinds of things that make Shawn such an amazing dad. Creative little adventures where Charlie gets to run the show and come up with new ideas and play, play, play with his daddy. I love it!

Here he is, cracking eggs for the french toast dinner. He was gonna show me how he could crack an egg into the bowl...but it didn't go quite as planned!

Now on to the "Food Art" project. I love how he apologizes at the beginning of the video for needing to look at the Food Art, not at the camera. And at the end he says to me, "I love you. Though." Such a sweetie.

Here he describes, in a very "Charlie" way, all of the ingredients in his Food Art. I LOVE how he calls the egg shells, "egg crusts"! Oh, and the big "glop" of egg. "Glop" is a common word in Charlie's vocabulary.

Proudly posing with his creation:


And, of course, the Food Art turns into a great snack for the chickens! I mean, who wouldn't love old french toast crusts, and cut up pickles, and dried up raisins, and egg crusts - all mixed together with a little honey?!