Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rainrock remembered

Three of my favorite people:

Devonna (aka "The Officer"), Nikki (aka "Rainrock's Alarm Clock"), and Polly (aka "My Chollo")

Last weekend was the Rainrock retreat, and I got to hang out with these 3 awesome girls for 3 days (along with about 8 other very awesome girls, as well).
Unfortunately...I didn't take any pictures at the actual retreat. I brought my camera, but I totally forgot to use it! Ooops. So, I found some old Rainrock pictures and thought I'd post them here for fun. Hope you don't mind, girls... :)
POLLY & DEVONNA with contraband
POLLY & ME making the crappiest gingerbread house ever created...
NIKKI & POLLY with even more contraband
POLLY & NIKKI the sports freaks
NIKKI eating RICE, yes RICE!!!
NIKKI & ME hanging out in her room at Rainrock
ME, NIKKI & POLLY on the way back from snow-shoeing on Christmas Day
Love ya, Nikki.
Nikki brought Charlie this totally cool glow-in-the-dark shirt from Minnesota.
Nikki, Devonna and I went out to Edgefield when we got back to Portland

I love you guys. I miss you so much. I don't know what else to say, there's so much to say, but not here. I just miss you girls.
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gardening boys

Wanna know something I love about Shawn? He's a gardener.
For several months, he had been tending this beautiful plant that was growing up our back fence. I had noticed long ago that this plant was really just a weed, but I didn't have the heart to tell Shawn. Well, eventually the truth came out and the weed had to go. So we took a trip to Lowe's and got some real, live flowers to plant. Shawn had lots of help from Charlie planting his new garden. Charlie likes to say, "Let's go look at the flowers, dad," in a very serious voice. Then they both go out back and admire their hard work. They are both pretty proud of their little garden project.

Digging out some "new dirt" to plant the flowers in.

Watering the flowers is Charlie's daily chore.

Trying to escape the heat, in the pool.

Charlie's pretty chicken, but he's getting a little better.

Charlie took all 83 magnetic pieces of this little "castle set" and stuck them to the heater.

This kept him entertained for a very long time!

4th of July at the Wilsons! There must have been about 20 kids there, all under 4 years old...!!!


Charlie liked the "smokey" fireworks.

But once the noisy ones came out, he wasn't so sure.

After that, he pretty much hung out inside and watched movies and ate chips. :)

The bigger kids enjoyed the noisy ones!

The Burger King crown is this season's fashion must-have. And by all means, don't bother to take it off before going to sleep!

Being 2 is SO exhausting!

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