Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Toddler Bed Saga Continues

7:15 pm: We put Charlie down in The Toddler Bed
7:30 pm: Charlie falls asleep in bed, sitting up, with a Cheerio in his mouth, chokes on the Cheerio, falls backwards out of The Toddler Bed, smashing his head on the wall and on the heating register
7:35 pm: Back to sleep
11:00 pm: This is how we find him:

11:05 pm: Charlie is placed back into The Toddler Bed once more

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Our son, the photogenic one...and his friend, "Qed"

"Charlie, look over here. Charlie!"

"Come on, Charlie, look at mommy, I want to get a picture of you with your cousins."

"Oh my gosh, look at all these M&M's!!!"
Ha! Got him. Look at that sneaky little face, though. :) He was so mad at me for tricking him into looking...

Here's the only shot I managed to get of the whole crew on our trip to the zoo:

Charlie, Jackson, Cody (the little foot sticking out of the stroller), Melissa - plus baby #5 in tummy, Levi, Lucie, and Oma.

Enjoying Oma's birthday cupcakes

Charlie helped make them

...and eat them.

The other day, Charlie wanted to spell people's names with his letters.
We've got (in the order he requested): "Christine", "Ellie", "Daddy", "Charlie", "Mom
", "Oma", "Qed", "Opa", and "Yaya".

(No, we don't really know anyone named "Qed". Charlie put those letters together, asked what it spelled, and then decided that "Qed" was his friend and therefore I was not allowed to remove his name from the list.)
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

10:20pm Update

So, here's how we found him about half an hour ago...slowly starting to slip off the edge again.

And here is Shawn's (the ultimate jerry-rigger) solution:

So much for the "cute" toddler bed. :) Oh well, at least it didn't involve duct tape this time...
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Fun times with the Big Boy Bed

Charlie's a big boy now - complete with Big Boy Bed.
He's proud of his Big Boy Bed, he really likes it. The only problem is keeping him IN it...
Here he is, last night, his first night in his brand new bed. This was at about 10:00pm. So sweet.

At about 2:00am, 3:00am, 4:30am, and 5:30am...Shawn heard him crying in his sleep (I'm a hard sleeper, didn't wake me up). Shawn went in there to find him in various positions both partially hanging off the bed and completely fallen onto the floor...yet still sound asleep.

Needless to say, today was a very long day with a very tired, cranky boy. We had a first at dinner tonight, Charlie was actually FALLING ASLEEP while eating. He has never before done this. It was cracking us up! Here's a video:

So, by 7:00 tonight he looked like this:

But I just went in there about 10 minutes ago and now he looks like this:

What's the deal, folks? Is this normal? Help!

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