Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Anniversary

2 years ago today, I drove home from Rainrock, after being gone for 3 very long, very hard months. I was thinking about writing about "it", but I guess the reality is I don't really know what to say about it, other than it makes me feel:

Sad for the time I lost with my (then) 2 year old.
Thankful for the healing journey it put me on.
Regretful for the pain my absence inflicted on loved ones - especially Shawn.
Nostalgic for the people and love I experienced there.
Sick deep down in the pit of my stomach when I think that it really did happen because sometimes it doesn't feel real to me.

I've been thinking about writing something about all of "that stuff", but for now, I'll just re-post this video I made after I got home - TWO YEARS AGO.
(Hopefully it will play - blogger has not been nice to my videos lately...)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Oldie!

I was just looking at some older posts (trying to figure out why in the world my silly videos aren't playing most of the time!) and found this hilarious video of Blake and Charlie from about 2 years ago. These boys CRACK ME UP, always have and I think they always will!

Grandpa, and Ellie's amazing art

Thanks to everyone who's been praying for Shawn's dad, Chuck. Thankfully, he made it through his heart surgery yesterday just fine and is recovering in ICU now. He'll be in the hospital for a while longer, but everything is looking good for now.

I've been meaning to share this sweet, sweet card Ellie made for him:
You have to read it upside-down, it says: "It turned in too the best hrte (heart)". And the little "oven mitt" looking thing on the bottom left is the doctor's hand fixing it all up - I suppose if you've never seen a surgery happening, you might think they would wear something similar to an oven mitt. Who knows what all's going on inside the body and/or how hot it might be in there! :) Then, you can see the 2 hearts - the "before" heart with the hole in it, and then the "after" heart, all fixed up and whole again. Is that just the sweetest thing you've ever seen?
(Ellie is pretty much just awesome, and it often shines through in her art. If you've never seen the "miracle" she made for me a little over 2 years ago, check this out.)
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