Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazy baby chicks fighting

I don't know if we've got some roosters in this batch, or what the deal is, but these chicks are CONSTANTLY doing this to eachother. It cracks me up the way the feathers raise up on the back of their neck when they are sizing eachother up.

Mother Nature can be so cruel!

Yesterday morning, at about 6:30 am, we could hear Henrietta out in the yard, complaining very loudly. After going out to investigate, we found the reason - a double-yolker! And wow, was it a whopper! She laid it, loudly, then proceeded to prance around the yard for another half-hour or so and continue to complain about it. Must have hurt. I think she was looking for some emotional support afterwards. I can relate, hey labor is hard stuff, 'specially when you've got an XL baby (or egg, as it may be).
Fast-forward to today. Another early-morning scream-fest in the hen house. Another 30 mins of marching through the yard, complaining about it to anyone who will listen. And this:

All I can say is: OUCH. Somebody give that hen an epidural, for crying out loud!

Charlie says, "Let's open it, mom!"

Yup. Two yolks.
I guess I should admit it - Shawn and I are too "chicken" to eat the double-yolkers. Is that bad? You know, seeing as she went through ALL that pain and suffering to get it out?
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A bunch of pictures, not a lot of words

Starting some plants for the garden.

Watching 'em grow outside.
Future "green bean tee-pee hideout".
Is there anything better than a little boy in jammies and muddy rainboots to call your own?
Heading out to work on the garden.
Daddy's always got a helper by his side.
Working the soil.
Working the swing.
12 cute, little, fuzzy babes.

Making a friend.

The chickens' new digs.
Chicken Farmer, Sr.

Chicken Farmer, Jr.

Happy Henrietta

Happy Chickens = lots of eggs.

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