Friday, February 27, 2009

Meeting baby Paisley and 3-dollar "drit"

Melissa (my sis!) had her 5th child one week ago today - Paisley Skye. Yesterday, Charlie and I went out to Rainier with my mom and dad to go and see her - Charlie's 9th cousin!

She is a DOLL!Charlie LOVED her to pieces, it was so cute.

Charlie's NINTH cousin!He kept kissing her and "nuzzling" her head with his. He even asked to hold her again after he had given her back to me. So sweet. :)Opa and Paisley
Charlie and Lucie doing a puzzle.
Poor Jackson was sick - and rested on the couch the whole time we were there.But he got lots of loves from Oma.Well, that's not entirely true - by the time we were getting ready to leave, Jack decided to climb up the wall.
Lucie, with a little "help" from Charlie.
On our way out to the car, we found this:
Those kids crack me up - little entrepreneurs.Charlie's a little obsessed with these hidden picture/sticker books from Highlights.He had to bring some for the car ride out to Rainier.And got a little help from Oma. Charlie doesn't really appreciate my camera-wielding ways anymore. :)

(Hey, is anyone else having issues with Picasa? I can't use it to blog anymore - it keeps saying I'm not connected to the internet when I try to load pics to the blog!)


Ellie said...

Oh, she's darling!

Elaine said...

Your new neice is adorable! Great pictures!

BTW, BJ said our boys are only going to drive slow, beater trucks! No racing! :)

lori lls said...

Great blog and pics! Paisley is precious. Her siblings are brilliant - that is highly specific marketing, isn't it? Addressing individual people like that. And I love Charlie's face when he's not appreciating your photography.