Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Day of the Never-Ending Puking

Thursday night, I started vomiting again (which would be the 3rd time in the last week and a half). It only got worse as the night when on, I threw up every 20 - 30 mins ALL NIGHT LONG. I took my temp at one point, and it was 104.5. Insane.
At 8:00 am on Friday, Shawn took me to the doctor's office.
I threw up while waiting in line for check-in.
I threw up while waiting in the waiting room for the nurse to call us back.
I threw up WHILE the doctor was examining me.
The doctor decided I should be on an IV for fluids. So they took me and Shawn into a back room in the office and I laid down on the examination chair thing, and, you guessed it, threw up. The nurses came in to start the IV, and they stood there examining my arms for about 20 minutes trying to find something they could work with. Finally, they decided to call in some other nurses to try and find a vein. The nurse who was trying to get the needle in said she's been a nurse for 20 years and she had never seen anyone so dehydrated and with such horrible veins. So, after digging around in a couple different spots (ouch OUCH OUCH!!!) to find a vein, any vein, they finally found one on my wrist. They gave me 2 bags of fluids and then 2 of potassium. They gave me a shot in the behind of some anti-nausea meds - OUCH, lemme tell you, that one hurt. After all that...I threw up. Sigh.
Anyways, they finally got it somewhat under control with some Zofran and sent us home around 3:30 pm. That was the longest doctor's office visit I've ever had - almost 8 hours!
We got home, and guess what? I threw up. At this point it was almost comical, if it wasn't so darn painful. But, I only threw up 2 more times, and then it was done. Yes!
Now it's Sunday, and I am just now emerging from my bed-cocoon, and I feel like I can join the land of the living again. Except for the fact that I'm pretty sure I've got a terrible sinus infection now - so I'm headed off to urgent care this afternoon. But, I'm happy. I'll take a sinus infection over the flu any day.


Tricia Swift said...

oh my goodess I am so sorry you guys have been so bad! we will be praying for your health and hope you recover soon!

Greg and Andrea said...

Mars, I'm so glad you're starting to feel better! It's going to take all week to get your strength back. Take it easy this week. And bummer about the sinus infection. I know all about those, but I agree--I'd take that over the stomach flu any day. Get well soon!

Wilson Family said...

Oh man, that is HORRIBLE!! So glad you're on the mend!

Christi said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe what you had to go through. Leave it to Zofran to help...if we had a girl we were going to name her after the medicine that saved me every day of every pregnancy. Praying that sinus infection leaves you alone.