Monday, March 10, 2008


So here I am, sitting around, looking up fun places to go out to eat in Portland for our anniversary...(suggestions, if you know of any...?).
Kinda bored.
Kinda lonely.
Kinda craving coffee (nothing new).
Kinda wishing I had some girlfriends to hang out with.
Ho hum.
And suddenly I get this random text message from my brother-in-law, Mike's phone: "Hey, are you coming?" I'm thinking, "What? He must have texted me by accident." So, I text back something like, "What are you talking about, crazy?" - hoping this will give him the hint that he has texted the wrong person.
A few minutes later, I call over to Christine's to ask her a question and Katy answers the phone and informs me that Christine is out at Starbucks with some friends from church. Shoot! That's supposed to include me. Ooooops. That "random" text was her asking me where in the world I was - she had Mike's phone. Doh! Well, now it's almost 9 and they are probably wrapping up.
Sorry, guys (Christine, Andrea, Leah, Jen, whoever else was there)!!! I'm super bummed I didn't get to hang out with you all - I really was looking forward to it. :( Maybe next time I won't be such an airhead.


The Miller Family said...

Well you are among other airheads...well at least one more airhead. We were the idiots that didn't spring our clocks forward and showed up late :-)
I'm glad you came time we will car pool.

Wilson Family said...

No problem- we all have those moments. It was good to see you if even for a little bit. =)