Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"I a kitty, Mommy. Meow."

Charlie lives in his own little world of imagination these days. A warning, though: it comes with rules, and most (okay, ALL) of the time I am deemed "wrong" when I try to enter into this world. Charlie is most certainly the boss when he's imagining. So, I just sit back and watch him and occasionally get "ordered" to participate in one way or another.

Ever since picking him up from spending a few hours with Ellie and Blake yesterday, I haven't seen much of my little boy. I've just had this cuddly little "kitty" with me everywhere I go. Every time I call him "Charlie", he corrects me and reminds me that he is not Charlie, he is a kitty. When I went in to get him from his nap yesterday afternoon, I was greeted with the stench of a "freshly pooped" diaper.
I said, "Charlie, did you go poo-poo?"
And he says, very seriously, "No. Kitty go poo-poo, mommy. Meow, meow."

I love, love, LOVE this stage. I didn't know it could be this fun to just sit back and watch his little brain come up with all this stuff. One of my favorite things is when we sing, "He's got the whole world in His hands". Charlie comes up with all the various "things" that God has in His hands. Things like lions & tigers, and mommies & daddies, and blankies & binkies, and "Burp" & Ernie, and little bitty babies & BIG HUGE BABIES.
Yesterday, Charlie was playing with this little remote-controlled dog. Shawn asked him what his puppy's name was, and he answered, "Jesus". Isn't that sweet? Then he got frustrated and chucked "Jesus" off the end of the bed. Well, we're still working on some things with him...
Today, Charlie and I had lunch with my friend, Devonna, who happens to be a police officer. Devonna brought Charlie this shirt, and I wanted to take a picture of him in it for her, but of course he had other plans.

Finally got one, though! Thanks, Devonna!

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lori lls said...

Marlene! Charlie is way cute. It has been fun reading your blog. I love the zoo shots especially.

Listen, this is weird with a beard. So weird, in fact, that I'm going to include links so that you can see what I'm talking about. I was thinking of you randomly today, because I was listening to The Innocence Mission, and Karin from that group looks like you. (

Then a few hours later, as I was catching up on Michele's blog, I saw your comment to her and thought, "Hey - there's ole Marlene." THEN (and this is where things get craaaazy) I went to your blog about Charlie's dog named Jesus, and I had JUST READ my friend Tamie's blog about her friend's dog, also named Jesus. (

So, yep. Connections and brain synapses all over the place.

Well, cheerios! Hope you all are well. - Lori

The Miller Family said...

Sorry I returned a kitty and not your son yesterday. But like I told you animals get along better then toddlers sometimes so we just become a zoo here at the Miller house! :-)