Thursday, March 6, 2008

Being right never felt so...wrong.

Recent conversations in our home:

Charlie (pointing to the blue chair): "This is black, mommy."
Me: "That chair is blue, Charlie."
Charlie: "No, it's black."
Me: "It's blue."
Charlie (getting very upset): "NO! It's black. It's black, mommy. It's black. It's black, mom. It's black. It's black, mama. It's black. Black, mommy. It's black. It's black."
Me (in an atempt to get him to stop repeating himself): "Okay, okay, Charlie. It's black. The chair is black."
Charlie: "No, mommy, it's BLUE!"

Charlie: "You're a snake, mommy."
Me: "Ssssss. I'm a snake."
Charlie: "No, you're not a snake, mommy. You're a kitty."
Me: "Meow. I'm a kitty."
Charlie (visibly frustrated): "NO! You're not a kitty, mommy. You're a goggy (doggy)!"

Shawn (noticing that Charlie has gone pee): "Oh, Charlie, did you pee?"
Charlie: "No, daddy, I go poo poo."

Shawn: "You went pee."
Charlie: "No, daddy. I go poo. I go poo poo. I go poo, daddy. Poo poo."
Shawn (in an attempt to get him to stop repeating himself): "Okay, Charlie. Okay."
Charlie (adamently): "No, daddy. I go POO!"

Shawn (after Charlie had let out a big toot): "Oh, you tooted, Charlie!"
Charlie: "No, I burp."
Shawn: "You tooted, silly."
Charlie (angry): "NO, daddy, I BURP!"
Shawn: sigh...

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Christi said...

Oh my goodness, Max and Charlie seem SO much alike! I haven't checked out your blog in awhile so it was so funny to see that we have been posting similar things about our boys. Very fun and frustrating and awesome and scary all at the same time, this parenting business.