Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Little Trivia

Why should you NOT leave 3 toddlers alone in a room with a box of markers?

3 Answers for you...
Answer # 1:

Answer # 2:

Answer # 3:

(I'm pretty sure that's string cheese in Blake's case you were wondering...)

Ellie has been into "playing kitty", apparently she decided it would be cool to make them all kitties.
Lesson learned - and we still have not gotten all the marker off in the bath, so the boys will be a little extra colorful for their birthday party tonight!

Yes, Charlie turned 2 on October 30th. I made him his all-time favorites for breakfast. Scrambled eggs, toast, and sliced grapes. Pretty gourmet, huh?! He's easy to please.

He also had his 2-year check-up yesterday. Ready for this? He lost weight! Last time we went in (a few months ago) he was 39 pounds. Now he is only 36 pounds! Can you believe that? His little "percentile X" is still about an inch above the top of the 95th percentile curve line...but at least it's not 2 inches above that line anymore. :)
Another bit of exciting news is that Charlie can count to 10 now! Here's a couple clips - he never makes it to 10 in the clips because he's mad at me for taping him, but I promise he can do it!

Pretty cool, huh? :)

Well, that's all for now - I'll leave you with a couple pics...of course.

Enjoying his "yogurt milk"...and Ellie's flower helmet...and his lack of pants. Remember, I told you pants are optional in this house!

He's so special. :)

Cute shot of Blake

Munching popcorn and catching a flick on the big bed.

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Eric & Leah said...

Ellie looks SO MUCH like Christine in that first pic!!! Crazy!