Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Little Farewell & An Ode to Blake

Well, folks, this is actually going to be my last post for about a month or so. But I wanted to leave a quick little update before I go...okay, so maybe it will be neither "quick" nor "little", it will be more "long" and "enormous"...but bear with me anyways, it's a fun one.


I have been meaning to do an "Ode to Blake" post for a while now, so I'll do that first and then dribble on about my own cute son afterwards :)
This is Blake, Charlie's cousin, our nephew, our favorite little monkey-clown-boy:

Blake likes to get into trouble. Not "bad" trouble, per say; more like "harmful" trouble. Such as this morning when we were all busy getting ready to go to church and I heard him screaming from the living room. I ran to him to see what happened and he literally had the handle of a toy umbrella STUCK in his mouth. No joke. I had to pry it out of his mouth, and I thought he was gonna lose a tooth over the whole incident while I was attempting to wrench the umbrella out of his mouth. I was literally picturing Mike and Christine driving him to the emergency room with an entire umbrella sticking out of his mouth.

Or, the other time when I was "watching" him, and he went over to the dining room table where his mommy's coffee was sitting and reached up to grab it, dumping the entire mug-full of coffee over the top of his head, in his eyes, up his nose, etc.

Or how about the time when he stuck his hand into the running vacuum cleaner?
(Yes, it left a mark, and no, it was not pretty...)

Or the time he launched head-first off of the piano bench into the computer hutch, hitting the hutch 3 times with his head as he fell to the floor.
I'm not making this stuff up, people. I have personally witnessed almost all of the above incidents.

Blake, while still maintaining his manliness, loves to play with baby dolls. The other day we were all in the living room, and Blake had been gone for a few minutes and it was eerily quiet. Suddenly, we hear a "toilet" type of sound coming from the bathroom. Everyone looked up, yelling in unison "WHERE'S BLAKE?!?!?!" Here's what we found:

A silly, goofy bundle of blue-eyed cuteness, that's what Blake is to me. And at the end of a long day of trouble-making, a busy boy needs his rest.

Yes, he fell asleep while eating popcorn, before he could even get that last bite in...

We love you, Blakey.

* * *

Boy, I don't have anything nearly as cute or exciting to say about Charlie. But here are some recent pics.

Eating a sandwich like a big boy:

Going for a walk with Ellie:

What's left of Halloween at the Miller/Fletcher house:

Just hanging around:

As most of you are aware, times are dificult for me personally right now, but look at what I have to keep me going:

Makes it all worth the fight.

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Eric & Leah said...

Well Mars, I know you won't be reading this for a while, but we love your family very much and are praying for you....!! Lord willing, we will see you 'soon'.
:-) Leah