Saturday, November 10, 2007

Birthday Post (ie: an excuse to post ten gazillion pictures of our family...)

So, finally, the birthday party post. Come on, it only took me a week, is that so bad? :)

On our way to PARTY CENTRAL: Oma and Opa's House.
I played with the color in this pic:

Apparently I was afraid that the 700 pictures I was about to take at the party might not be enough, so I took a few on the way out the door.

Our little cheeseballs...


I love this sweet face

Oh, yes, and this one, too. :)

In the car, on the way, Charlie decided it would be a good idea to blow "spittles" the whole way...and I do mean THE WHOLE WAY...

All the cousins on the Fletcher side:
Blake, Eli, Jasmine, Charlie, & Ellie

(note the "spit dew" dribbled down the front of Charlie's sweater)

Below is a more accurate reflection of how the majority of these "group shots" turned out

A big smile for Opa

The birthday boys: eating pizza, being silly.

Yaya with her girls

Charlie and Oma

My favorite 2-year-old in the whole wide world
Party on the swing set!
The party moves to the wheelbarrow



Lucie Rose

Yeah! Baby Cody is here!

"Finally, they bring us a REAL baby to play with!"

Yet another failed attempt at the ever-elusive "group shot"...seriously, is it too much to ask of 5 toddlers to just HOLD STILL for 3 seconds???!!!

Cruising with daddy


Another wheelbarrow ride!

I could eat him up (but I promise I won't, Melissa)

It's my birthday, look at me, I'm cute!

Play-doh, mommy's new best friend

Trying out the new top

Time to blow out the candles!

Yay, cupcakes!

"Yes, but where is Charlie?", you ask.

Oh, there he is, in the background checking out his new blocks - right where he was for the entire "sing-Happy-Birthday-To-You-and-blow-out-the-candles" part of the party.

Jazz and Eli

3 of the Huntley 4

"Hmmm, this looks kinda tasty."

"Well, the frosting part, anyways."

A birthday kiss
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Anonymous said...

Nice you actualy added a picture of yourself...

Love ya, Shawn

Schwartz Cats said...

Now that is the longest blog post I have EVER seen, hehe. ;)