Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainboots rock! back to our regularly scheduled programming...
The kids all got new rainboots this week.
Charlie loves his! (Pants are optional in our house)

Christine and I walked the kids down to the Springwater trail this morning (yes, BEFORE it started pouring down rain) in search of puddles to s
Found one!
"Wow, leaves!"

Fun times on the bench!

"Yay for the bench! We love the bench!"

Charlie wanted to stay on the bench forever.
Cute, huh?
Yes, "cute" it was until he threw the arms-flailing, body-flopping, kicking-and-screaming tantrum of the year when I finally pried his stubborn little rear end off of the darn thing...

Blake smiles big!
(Possibly my all-time favorite Blake picture)

So many puddles, so little time.

"Let's poke sticks in it and see what happens!"

Yes, the boys are still too young to realize that many of Ellie's plans are
pretty much pointless...

Good old-fashioned stomping!
Charlie loves Ellie's knee and elbow pads

This picture reminds me of his daddy...

Just being goofy...

A rainbow across the street the other day...just when I needed to see one. Thanks, God. :)

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tim | helen | adia | kalanie said...

very cute!
and yes, the one of charlie on the bench is so adorable.
blake and ellie sure look alike when they smile.
thanks for sharing all the pics

waiting for another video with shawn dancing by the way......special request from tim. :)