Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Prozac

Charlie made this little Jack-o-Lantern at preschool today. I glanced at it briefly when I picked him up at school and told him "good job" and all that. When we got home, I brought it in from the car and took a closer look...hmmm...sad.
I didn't know preschool included art therapy - what a deal!
Not sure what was going on here, probably something about Mrs. Claus leading all of Noah's animals into the Promised Land in her big red fire truck...?Charlie decided these bad "aminals" needed a nice, long time out.Below is what I thought would be a great photo opportunity. The lighting was so perfect! I thought I'd just sneak up and take a few candid shots... Until I realized Charlie was missing his pants.Not ONLY was he missing his pants - he also had his blankey shoved up his shirt.That's our boy - he's an original!Charlie does not appreciate the bright sunshine at all. So, he often wears my sunglasses. He really thinks he's a big shot.Talking on the phone to Oma and Opa - who are gone for a whole MONTH road tripping it all over the United States.
We sure miss them! Charlie doing what he does best these days, chatting it up! He's holding 2 of our newest little baby chicks.


The Miller Family said...

Ellie, Blake and I want you to ask Charlie why his pumpkin is sad...we are sure that he will have an answer for us. Love the pics!

Mars said...

"He's sad and laughing. He misses someone. His favorite toy's packed away. That pumpkin family, his favorite pumpkin and it's packed away. He's laughing cuz someone made some silly faces."
Got it?

Mars said...

PS: "It's not a pumpkin, silly, it's a jan-o-lantern!"

Rachel Clear said...

A blog AND a video! How did we all get so lucky all at once?!

This was awesome, Marlene!