Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009!

This last Sunday, we met up with the Miller clan at the Liepold Farms Pumpkin Patch. We got there a little early, so the 3 of us had a few adventures on our own while we waited.
Tried out the "apple sling". One buck gets you 3 apples to sling at some targets. It was cool but for some reason it was really bugging me that they were wasting all those perfectly good apples. I finally had to stop obsessing so I came up with this whole daydream involving a whole bunch of really happy pigs living out back who would feast on all those smashed-up apples later that night.
The proud apple-slinger!
And. Still waiting.
We decided to try out the hay ride.I pretty much really dislike how I'm looking in this picture, but I just had to put it up because the kid in the back is cracking me up. I think he was trying to pose with us. Charlie's long-lost older brother? Hey, they kind of look alike, I guess.
Charlie wasn't too crazy about all the noise the tractor was making!
We got back. Still no Millers. Still waiting.Ah, here they are!
Would you believe that Charlie is the YOUNGEST here?
Little baby Ava's first pumpkin patch trip - so cute!
Ellie and Charlie
"Let's do it together!"
Silly Ellie
"Let's go find Blake!"
The Millers
(Christine, you look a little crazed, what's up with that? Excited for the hay ride?)Ivan, Melissa and baby Ava & Justin, Michelle and little Viola - too cute!
My mom and dad are still on their crazy long road trip across the US. Right now, they are headed for Tennessee. If you look close, you can see where Charlie's been putting little tacks, and then the red string that traces their path.
They have sent postcards galore - much to Charlie's delight!
We miss you Oma and Opa, come home soon!!!Spotted this sweet spider web outside our front door this morning. I couldn't really capture how cool it was, it was much better in person. But how amazing are spider webs, really?


youthpaztorwife said...

So cute!! And love the spider webs! I saw one outside of a drive thru window yesterday morning. They simply are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Keep them comin'. It makes me realize how much fun we all have together. = )


The Miller Family said...

YEAH BLOG! Love it, and yes I do look a little crazed :) I guess I just really like hay rides! Sorry you guys got there like an hour before we did.

Rachel Clear said...

Mars, you are really getting the hang of this blogging-more-often thing, and I love it!

This was a great one indeed. :)

Lindsay said...

The apple thing would have totally bothered me too. Charlie is such a cutie! Awesome spider web picture, too.