Monday, October 26, 2009

Blake's 4th Birthday - and our FIRST EGG!

Blake is 4! We had fun celebrating on Saturday with all the Millers and Fletchers.

Opening presents.

Blowing out candles.

Waiting for a piece of cake.
Too bad it was "coffee" ice cream cake, as if all the sugar weren't enough stimulation for all the toddlers! Ha ha, oops - nice pick, Uncle Mike M.! :)

Playing with all the "little guys" with Aunt Maryann.

Sword fighting with Uncle Mike F.
(Charlie didn't want any part of this, but the other 4 cousins had a BLAST!)

Shirtless Warrior, Birthday Boy Blake!
Jasmine keeping those eyes protected, and of course fighting in pretty in pink style.Proud mom and dad watch their 4 year old enjoy his birthday!
Since Blake and Charlie are only 6 days apart, Charlie's 4th birthday is this Friday, the 30th. I can't believe the boys are 4 already! There will be plenty of pictures to come after Charlie's celebration, I'm sure...! :)

In other news, on Saturday morning, we FINALLY got our first EGG!!!
Flighty Whitey was acting really crazy all morning, jumping into baskets and buckets and "bawking" up a storm. So, we knew it was coming! She finally chose this old purple rubbermaid bucket that was filled with hay (completely ignorning our cute little nest area that Shawn built for them to lay their eggs in alongside the coop). After she "did the deed" she was a little traumatized. She burrowed down inside the bucket and wouldn't come out. It was funny, but also a little sad. I mean, really, she was probably thinking, "What just HAPPENED to me?!?!?!"

The fun part was that my sister and all of her kiddos happened to be visiting when it happened. So, Shawn came and got us and we all went running back there to check it out.

Shawn's reaching in for it.

Charlie was so proud of the egg! He took it in the house and kept hiding it in different spots. Then it occured to me, he was thinking we needed to hide it like an Easter egg. So silly!

Flighty Whitey strutting her stuff after the laying.
The egg is still in our fridge. It's really small. I am having issues with eating it. It almost seems like we should let her work all the kinks out before eating the eggs, get a few out, get the wheels turning, you know? Rusty plumbing? Is that strange?

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