Monday, November 3, 2008

Stupid Parent Tricks

On Saturday, Charlie was really sick with a bad cold. By late morning, he was super cranky and tired. Even though he doesn't take naps anymore, I really thought he needed one. So, I had the brilliant idea to just drive him around in the car for awhile until he fell asleep, then drive him back home and transfer him into his bed for a nice long peaceful nap.

A good idea? Yes. Very. And it was working like magic. Charlie was just nodding off, his little eyes were fluttering shut, his breathing becoming slow and deep...when we realized we were getting close to IKEA. Yes, IKEA. The 280,000 square foot store filled with noise and brightness and thousands of crazed shoppers. So, what do we decide to do?

(Giddily): "Gee, let's go to IKEA!"

We were doing okay for about the first hour or so. Charlie was just kind of quiet and sleepy and calm. Then he pooped and I hadn't brought any diapers in so I had to use a "courtesy diaper" from the bathroom that was a size 3. Charlie's size 6 diapers are tight on him. Let's just say it was a bit of a stretch. Then he decided he didn't want to ride in the stroller anymore, he wanted to walk instead. And then I had to go potty and Shawn and I decided we would just use our cell phones to reconnect. Our cell phones have no coverage inside the store. Oh, and did I mention the store is 280,000 square feet? Took about a half hour to find eachother again...and then it happened:


And we were upstairs, about 3 miles away from the exit. We had to transport him across the entire upstairs of the store, through each of the showrooms with all the pretty lamps & cute rugs & 99 cent oven mitts, down the elevator filled with happy shoppers, and out the huge main entrance through the parking lot to our car: all the while screaming, kicking, flailing, flopping, and, oh, did I mention screaming?

Can someone please tell me what we were thinking???


Christi said...

Yes, we have totally done that before too...just a few weeks ago at Borders. It's so not worth it you realize way too late. Ikea has special powers that lure you in though - you had no choice.

lori lls said...

Ha ha ha. Maybe you were thinking, "I need a great story for my blog," because this was a good one!

Hope Charlie's much better by now.