Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween...and stuff

I've been putting off posting about Halloween for a variety of reasons, among them:
1. Shawn and I were "mustard and ketchup" and I really don't need any photo evidence of this fact. Just take a good look at Shawn's costume and think RED.

2. We hung out with the likes of these people...and others like them.

3. Does anyone in the world really need to see this?

4. Or, more specifically, this?

5. It was a wedding. On Halloween. Officiated by the dude in the gigantic glasses on the far left.

6. The bride and groom were dressed as Frankenstein and his bride and their vows included things like, "I'll love you until my guts fall out and my head rusts and falls off".

So, that pretty much sums up our Halloween.
Moving on...
Yesterday (Tuesday) Christine and I took the kids to the zoo. It was totally random, unplanned and fun! It was a little cold and rainy, so we were practically the ONLY ones at the zoo. Here's the kids on the way to the car, all excited for the zoo!

We squeezed all 3 into the backseat of our car - I couldn't manage to get a shot of all three, but here's Ellie and Charlie.

Everybody wanted to ride in the cheap-o rental cart thingy, rather than the "deluxe" stroller - which I ended up just pushing around empty for most of the day. Whatever. At least we had a plush, comfy, all-terrain stroller to stash all of our backpacks and purses and stuff - complete with drink holders.

The leaves were amazing - Ellie collected a bunch of huge ones.

Here's a shot I took at the EXACT moment that Charlie had just run out of the log and right into Blake, knocking them both to the ground. You can see part of Blake's leg and arm up in the air as he was falling to the ground. It was a very sad moment for Blake!

A few shots on the good ole' tractor seats.

For comparison, here's one from about a year and a half ago:

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Wilson Family said...

How fun! I think our last zoo trip was in January! We need to go again sometime soon. Aren't cousins fun!
Umm...Halloween wedding....interesting..... =)

lori lls said...

I love pictures of people in the same situations but at different times. Perfect with the kids on the tractor seats.