Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fletcher Beach Trip '08

This past weekend was our annual vacation with the Fletcher side of the family. This year we went to Rockaway Beach. The 3 of us were only able to be there for about 24 hours total...but we managed to squeeze in some fun times.

Charlie wasn't feeling very photogenic on the drive there...

Guess he was tired, too, because he fell asleep with that blanket still over his face.

The house was AMAZING.

Right on the beach, beautiful woodworking everywhere!

And ahhhh...the kitchen of my dreams.

Charlie was glad to see Ellie when we arrived.

Not sure what is with the "hiding" thing, but it seems to be a theme lately - that, and taking off his shirt to be "naked" - "I wanna be naked, mommy!"

Playing Scum of the Earth

Blake liked the kitchen, too!

Charlie and Ellie being silly

On our way down to the beach for our first (and only) trip to the water.

I realized this was only the second time Charlie's ever seen the ocean - the first time he was only about 9 months old. And we live SO CLOSE! It's a shame, I know.

At first, he was afraid to go into the water without Shawn or me holding him. But he warmed up to it pretty fast, and soon we were running out to the water and letting the tide "chase" us back onto the sand and he got all nice and wet.

Jaz and Ellie

Blake in sand heaven.

Back to the house to just hang out and be lazy! :)

We celebrated Charlie and Blake's birthdays with a pumpkin cookie cake.

Jasmine, Eli, Ellie, and Blake had a great time eating the cookie cake, opening Blake's presents, playing with all the new toys.

Charlie beats to his own drum, however, and sat away from everyone with just me and Shawn and opened his presents quietly. And, he didn't want any of the "yucky cookie cake", either.

He loved his new Mickey Mouse sticker and stamp set.

"Maybe I should just take off my shirt and put the stickers all over my arms."

Yes, again, with the "naked" thing!

Jasmine and Ellie sharing a secret, aren't they too cute?

Blake, Ellie, Jasmine, and Eli watching a movie together.

Where's Charlie? Yep, that's him down there on the floor. Once again, doing his own thing...

Thanks, family, we had fun - sorry we couldn't be there longer!

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Greg and Andrea said...

I like the family shot of the three of you on the beach. Glad you had a good time.


tim | helen | adia | kalanie | rilanna said...

me too! love that shot of the three of you!
and if you know it, i would love the info on that house you stayed at......good location???nightly price??? ect.

and also you had me cracking up on your last post on the football are such a good writer!

Wilson Family said...

Great photos! Makes me crave the beach! We're heading out to Gleneden next month, I can't wait!

farmgirl beth said...

Way to be a trailblazer, Charlie!

I wish we could have joined you on Saturday. It would have been a hoot to see Charlie and Jack together...I wonder who's bigger, and who's the bigger individualist!

Marie said...

Wow! all the kids remind me of some Fletcher kids I knew a very long time ago (then again, it really wasn't so long ago that Mike, Shawn, Christine and Katie were that age -- and also very cute!!) How time flies!!