Monday, September 8, 2008

Blame Rock Band

So, I realized I haven't blogged in just over a month. So sorry. I blame Rock Band a hundred percent. That game is ADDICTING!
But not all is lost; my drumming skills are really improving! Not the best pic, but that's me on the guitar, Mike Miller drumming, and Shawn singing.
Charlie's been into his "Nacho Libre" mask lately. He wore it for about 2 hours straight the other day, even had to ride in the car with it on.What can I say? He's a special kid...and yes, his sandals are hooked together.The cousins shooting eachother - the boys had to wear their masks, of course.

Ellie's preschool orientation. Her first day is this Thursday, September 11th. Unbelievable.

Charlie's first try at a posicle - not so impressed. He stuck out his tongue to touch it about 3 times, and then he was very much done.

Mike and Christine shoved into the rear-facing 3rd row seat in the volvo station wagon - Shawn and I are up front... three kids in the middle!
We drove all the way out to Sandy like this, and got some very funny looks.

Charlie got his Halloween costume and wanted to wear it right away. He's gonna be the cutest lion in town. :)


Elisha and Brandon said...

That is such a great costume! Where did you get that? I am always looking for warm looking costumes because 9 out of 10 times there is snow on the ground here at Halloween...

The Miller Family said...

Love the mask and love the look on Charlie's face in the car.
I think Charlie needs to come over and play "mask guys" because blake is currently in a tinkerbell outfit!
Oh my....