Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Toddler Bed Saga Continues

7:15 pm: We put Charlie down in The Toddler Bed
7:30 pm: Charlie falls asleep in bed, sitting up, with a Cheerio in his mouth, chokes on the Cheerio, falls backwards out of The Toddler Bed, smashing his head on the wall and on the heating register
7:35 pm: Back to sleep
11:00 pm: This is how we find him:

11:05 pm: Charlie is placed back into The Toddler Bed once more

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Mary said...

What happened to his "safety rail"? :)

Wilson Family said...

Oh my goodness, Marlene, I had no idea Charlie was falling out of bed! We have the Millers' safety rail that we are no longer using. I think they borrowed one from someone else for Blake. Anyway I think it would work on his Toddler bed. I'll plan on bringing it to church on Sunday to either give it to you or give it back to Christine.