Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Teddy Bear Parade...and more blackmail for the teen years

We hit the Teddy Bear Parade on Saturday to watch Ellie march by with her preschool.

Charlie wore his lion costume and it was a big hit! I think everyone thought he was part of the parade. We got lots of "roars" as we walked around.

He had to bring a bunch of his "guys", of course.

The Millers passing by.

Big girl Ellie

Blake spotting us in the crowd

This is seconds before he burst into tears because he wanted to stay and hang out with us.

Here's the blackmail pics.
No explanation needed, just pure dorky-ness...
(Enlarge this one, it's worth it even if you have a slow connection!)

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The Miller Family said...

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CHARLIE!!!! You will always make me smile ;-) and laugh.

Elaine said...

Your little lion sure is adorable. Those were great pics!

lori lls said...

The first picture kinda looks like Charlie escaped from the zoo and Shawn is taking him back. I guess because of the concrete wall.