Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our son, the photogenic one...and his friend, "Qed"

"Charlie, look over here. Charlie!"

"Come on, Charlie, look at mommy, I want to get a picture of you with your cousins."

"Oh my gosh, look at all these M&M's!!!"
Ha! Got him. Look at that sneaky little face, though. :) He was so mad at me for tricking him into looking...

Here's the only shot I managed to get of the whole crew on our trip to the zoo:

Charlie, Jackson, Cody (the little foot sticking out of the stroller), Melissa - plus baby #5 in tummy, Levi, Lucie, and Oma.

Enjoying Oma's birthday cupcakes

Charlie helped make them

...and eat them.

The other day, Charlie wanted to spell people's names with his letters.
We've got (in the order he requested): "Christine", "Ellie", "Daddy", "Charlie", "Mom
", "Oma", "Qed", "Opa", and "Yaya".

(No, we don't really know anyone named "Qed". Charlie put those letters together, asked what it spelled, and then decided that "Qed" was his friend and therefore I was not allowed to remove his name from the list.)
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lori lls said...

That IS a sneaky little face. Heavens. It made me laugh aloud.

Anonymous said...

The bed would be perfect if it was square, don't you think?