Monday, July 11, 2011

The Final Countdown - 9 Days!

It's hard to believe we are in the final days of being our little family of 3.

I feel like I want to drink in every last moment of Charlie being our "only child", like it's slipping away.

While I know that Charlie will be such a great big brother and it's going to be wonderful to have Drew finally join the same time it's such a big "unknown". We don't know little Drew yet. I don't have a clue who he is, what his personality will be, what he will look like, and on and on. I already love him to pieces, of course, and I'm beyond excited to meet him...BUT, I don't "know" him yet. Such an odd feeling, to be growing this little stranger in there! I don't remember feeling this so strongly with Charlie. I think maybe it's because before Charlie was born, I already had a lot of ideas about who he would be...
His personality: very socially outgoing, physically active and athletic.
Even how he would look: dark hair, dark brown eyes & a dark olive skin tone.

Oh, and VERY tiny, maybe, oh, around 6 or 7 pounds...





Maybe my utter failure in predicting who Charlie would be before he was born has led up to this feeling of Drew being such a stranger to me. While I have found myself SO pleasantly surprised at how different Charlie is from the boy I had been expecting, maybe I just don't want to make any wrong predictions again? I sometimes guess that Drew will be very active, just based on how extremely active he seems to be inside of me already! But, even when I say this, I always hear myself adding the disclaimer, "...but I could be wrong!"

Whoever he will be, however he will look, whatever he will be like...I know I will love him so very much. Like only a mother can. Like I never even knew was possible until I met our sweet Charlie. I'm just having a hard time waiting to meet him so I can finally get some answers! I'm anxious, excited, nervous, and just plain READY to get him outta there so we can all meet him and know him and love on him.

July 21 can't come soon enough!


Anonymous said...

First off, holy crap you weren't kidding when you said charlie was a big baby! any estimates on drew's size?

I'm so excited for you guys to have an addition to the family-it's just...right. you deserve it :) Wish we were closer so I could come visit!

Mars said...

Lauren - Drew was only in the 81st percentile at my 34 week ultrasound - AND they are taking him a few days early...Charlie was 8 days late! So, I'm thinking maybe only around 9 pounds...maybe even less...? that's my guess. Nice and little.
But, of course, I've been wrong before so...we will see!!! :)

Mars said...

Oh, and me too. Wish you were closer, Drew could have the most ADORABLE little girlfriend ever!

tim|helen|adia|kalanie|rilanna said...

can't wait! so excited for the three of you!
love the name too!

Elisha said...

So excited for you guys! What a blessed day is coming. You might miss Charlie at first and not know how you are going to be everything to both of them...but in the face of our limitations God's possibilites are infinite to meet the needs! I will pray for you guys and can't wait to see "big brother" pics of Charlie and Drew. They are going to be so lucky to have each other :) You look beautiful pregnant...literally full of life!

Melissa said...

I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!!!
Love you Mars. Hang in there. It's almost over (and it's almost begun.)

Melissa from the Blue House said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! And Charlie is adorable. I remember that feeling though, since mine were almost five years apart, like I was betraying my oldest... sort of bittersweet. :) It will be SO much fun for you all to get to know the little one... you'll wonder how you ever made it without him!!

Elaine said...

You look great Mars. Can't wait to hear the news. :)