Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our new camera came!

How sad, though, that one of the very first pics I took was of this nasty-looking spider I found in one of Charlie's toy buckets? YIKES!

Thanks, Shawn, for taking care of it for me, but next time don't just "set it free" right outside our front door - smash that sucker, you tree-hugger!

Next up...
What did I find when I opened this 20 year old "time capsule" Shawn found in my parents' barn...?
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The Miller Family said...

SHAWN ANDREW!!! What is wrong with you? If your gonna set it free go give it to the chickens don't put it outside the front door!

Rachel Clear said...

I know what you found in the capsule, you odd little kid from 20 years ago, you. :)

At least Shawn didn't totally freak out and throw the spider across the room so that it was still in the house, only now in a new hiding spot. Cam did that the other night. I was not thrilled.