Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There are some pretty good reasons I haven't blogged for several weeks. Number one being our super-stupid internet connection. Today is the first time it has worked in about 2 weeks.

Other than that, we've been...

Planting seeds. NO, Lori and Rachel, you silly sisters, not "those" kind of seeds...these ones:

Building planter boxes for our vegetables.

Finding worms to put in the vegetable garden.

Being sick

Playing lots of hide-n-seek.

Doing lots of activity books.

Making super-cool stuff with the lite brite.
Some cool creations I have discovered left on the lite brite:
A "FLOWER" (apparently he ran out of the green pegs)

A "CROCODILE" (you can see the big jaws on the right side, and the tail on the left)

A "RUNNING GIRAFFE" (long neck and head on the left, tail on the right)

Lots of trips to the zoo

Charlie's rule: We HAVE to get a map every time, and use it the entire time...

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary on March 13th!

And, of course, lots of just goofing around. :)


Rachel Clear said...

FINALLY! A new post! Geesh... I was starting to tire of watching that video and crying all the time!

And wow, you outdid yourself with THIS post... all the pictures, highlights... I love it!

Clap, clap, clap, clap for you! (And booh for your internet connection of late.)

Rachel Clear said...

Have you guys really been together for 10 years? You probably will not remember this, but I was there (yep) when you and Shawn first cuddled on Liz's couch in K-House. Okay, so I don't know that it was the FIRST time you had cuddled, but I know it was near the first time. I came downstairs and saw you and Shawn cuddling and said to either Liz or Kezia "Who are those people?" and one of them said, "Marlene and Shawn! They are just liking each other! Isn't it great?" (Or something along those lines... 10 years makes the memory foggy. But not too foggy. I mean, heck, I remember this story!)

Thanks for the plug too, by the way!

And p.s. Charlie is REAL cute. I think I've already said that, but he really is.

lori lls said...

What a great catch-up post. I too have been wondering when it would come. We gots to get going on our plant seeds soon too! (I am not 100% what you're referring to with my sister and I...something about babies?) Happy upcoming Anniversary - you two look healthy and happy! And brite lites - oh man. I haven't thought about those things in years. It's way fun to see kids playing with old school toys.

Thanks for sharing about your weeks of internet-less-ness.