Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Traditions

Well, folks, in keeping with Easter Tradition - Charlie has the flu. The only Easter Charlie has been able to celebrate so far was his very first, when he was about 6 months old. Every other Easter since then, he has been sick, really sick. This year, apparently, it will be the flu. Argh!
Fortunately, this year we got some of our Easter celebrating done early, thanks to YaYa Carol's planning and the Millers' willingness to host! On Good Friday (yesterday) the Fletchers got together at Mike and Christine's for pizza and an Easter Egg hunt. I'm just gonna be lazy and send you to Christine's blog for pics. :) Gotta go take care of my sick little boy.


Wilson Family said...

Ugh! Sick again!?!? That's just not fair!!

lori lls said...

How does that happen?

You guys know you're not supposed to eat the dyed eggs after they've been sitting out for days....right?

Ah, poor kiddo. Hope he's getting better and not passing it along to you'uns.

Rachel Clear said...

I hope lil' Charlie is better by now and you're out enjoying this sun (we're sometimes having)!