Friday, December 26, 2008

Slumber Party!

Well, folks, something that you are probably figuring out about us Fletchers is that we don't learn things the first time around. For the second time in this past week, we ventured out in the blizzard and got trapped at the Miller's house. Yesterday (Christmas), Shawn's older brother Mike picked us up at our place in his 4-wheel drive Subaru. He drove us over to the Miller's for a Christmas celebration. Because of MORE SNOW, we all ended up stuck there having one big slumber party involving 7 adults and 5 toddlers in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house! :)

Here's the kiddos opening their presents: Eli, Charlie, Jasmine, and Ellie (Blake was crashed out sleeping already).

Charlie opening his new fish aquarium. This has got to be one of my favorite presents that he got! It is magnetic and it has these little fake fish that "swim" around because of magnets that move them around in the water. Awesome! It's like pets without any of the annoying maintenance!

The adults playing backgammon (sp?). We had a little tournament...I didn't even make it up one bracket. Darn!

Charlie got to have a slumber party with the girls - can you tell he was excited?

We thought for sure they'd NEVER go to sleep...but they did. Aren't they sweet?

Blake woke up at about 11:00pm, ready to go!...oooops. But he was excited to open some presents from the cousins. Plus he got all the adult attention to himself for a few hours. :)

Eventually everyone found a place to konk out for the night - even Blake.

This morning the girls had to try out Ellie's new make-up, with some help from Aunt Katy.

The the kids (minus Blake - he doesn't like the cold!) headed outside to de-construct the snow igloo.




And Charlie!

Going backwards, Christmas morning back at our place.

We got him a Dora "hippity hoppity" ball. I was tempted to get him a helmet to go along with it - man, that thing can get dangerous - especially with all of Charlie's massive weight on there!

Some books - he loves Berenstein Bears.

Oma, Opa, and YaYa all came over for apple pancakes. Charlie made YaYa a little "nest" in his room because her neck was hurting. It was very sweet. He even brought the table over for her so she could color with him.

Oma and Opa opening their presents from Charlie. They are keychains that hold digital photos on them. Pretty cool!

What Christmas morning would be complete without a little time spent sitting on the potty?
Okay, I know I keep going backwards here, but on to Christmas Eve!
We had Mike, Christine, Ellie, Blake, Katy, Melissa and Ivan over for some Scum of the Earth.
The kids watching a video.

Hope you all had a safe, warm and fun Christmas, too!
PS: We just made it back home again. When is this weather going to end?!
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Elisha said...

Hi Mars!! Wild brother and his fam live in Troutdale and they had almost 3 feet of snow! That is so crazy that here we are in Alaska and you had more snow than we did :) Hope you guys had a great Christmas. Charlie is sure getting big! His smile looks like it is changing. They just grow so fast.

Anonymous said...

Mars Charlie is getting so big - I just love you guys !! Take care
love nik