Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sorry I've been quiet lately. I guess you could blame it on one or more of the following...

1. We got a new laptop, and I've been really busy playing with it.

2. I currently have an obsession with checking Jason and Lori's blog to see if she's had that baby yet - COME ON ALREADY, LORI!!!

3. Potty training. Yes, still, ugh. Charlie actually pooped in the potty at Powell's bookstore yesterday!!! I was so excited, the people in the other stalls probably thought I was a real nut-job...(well, okay probably they were right...). Only to come home, get him into the bath, and he poops again. Yes, IN the bath tub. Yes, again. When will this end? Someone please tell me.

4. We're moving out of this ghetto-trash, mold-infested cave of an apartment in a week. Yes, okay, so technically, we are just moving across the courtyard into a different ghetto-trash, mold-infested apartment in the same complex, but it's BIGGER. So there.

I've got some amusing pictures of our first ever Black Friday shopping experience. I'll post them soon...

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Elaine said...

Marlene- Thank you for making me smile. Can't wait to see your Black Friday pics. :)