Monday, June 2, 2008

Yet another zoo post

At the risk of repeating myself...we went to the zoo again! I guess we don't have too much variety when it comes to getting out of the house, do we? Oh well, 2-year-olds aren't big fans of variety anyways, I suppose. :)

This time we went with Uncle Mike, Aunt Maryann, and cousins Jasmine and Eli.

Charlie, Shawn and Jasmine putting pennies in the little "money-taker-thingy" that makes the coins spin around and around before dropping into the little hole at the bottom. Jasmine brought pennies for Eli and Charlie from her very own piggy bank. Isn't she sweet? :)
Charlie and daddy crawling through a tunnel:
Jasmine and Charlie
All three of 'em.
(This is the best "group shot" I could manage between a 4, 3, and 2 year's just one big constant WIGGLE)

Charlie and daddy checking out a goat:

Random picture of 2 goats rubbing their heads on a broomstick that the goat-keeper-guy INSISTED I take a shot of...okay...
(If anyone can tell me what's so cool or amazing about this, please do! I'm telling you, I was ORDERED to take this picture!)

I like this shot better, goats sure are funny little creatures:

Here's a video of the goats in the barn playing "King of the Hill"

Oh wait, I lied earlier, here's a shot of all three kids that you can actually see their faces/profiles in:

PS: Look at that poor little orangutan behind the glass - she was either super depressed or completely bored, she just sat like that the whole time. Made me want to smuggle her out in our stroller and take her home with us. Okay, well, not really, but I felt bad.

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