Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gone fishin'

Warning: This post contains graphic photos of poo.

I love our son, more than I could possibly express. He is truly wonderful in every way. Just about the perfect little 2-year-old.
- BUT -

Look at how BIG that sucker is!
And do you KNOW how hard it is the fish poo out of a bathtub with a pitcher? It's slippery and it evades capture like a real pro.

This time I was sure I was safe because he had just pooped RIGHT BEFORE I put him in the tub.
Guess he wasn't done, huh?


The Miller Family said...

You just had to get a close up didn't you!?! That is so nasty. Ellie sad, "Oh my that is not good Charlie!"

Anonymous said...

You have topped anything I have ever done to gross people out! It is definately the cutest big poop I have ever seen! I am not sure what that means..........

lori lls said...

When a person is looking at a photograph of poo, it dawns on them just how infrequently they do so.