Friday, April 18, 2008

What 2 year old doesn't take naps???

Charlie stopped naps altogether right around the time he turned 2, about 4 or 5 months ago. And ever since then, I've been in denial. When I got home from Rainrock 2 months ago, Shawn informed me, "Naps? Oh, he doesn't take those anymore." And, determined, I thought to myself, "Oh yes he does and oh yes he will."
Well, I'm officially admitting defeat. I have tried. I have tried and tried and tried some more. I have literally left him in his room, in the dark, for hours at a time and he just lays there and talks and sings for the ENTIRE TIME.
I've tried not going in there.
I've tried going in there.
I've tried leaving the door cracked.
Closing the door.
Putting some books in with him.
Putting some toys in with him.
No books.
No toys.
Singing songs.
Reading books.
Taking a bath with "calming" soap.
Turning the fan on.
Leaving it off.
Calling it just "quiet time".
Telling him he IS going to close his eyes and go to sleep.
Is this normal? It's not like he's being a stinker about it, either. He never complains or cries, he just doesn't seem to be able to turn himself "off" during the day. So, here before you today, I admit defeat.
And you know what confuses me the most? He's in there right now, ASLEEP. A random nap, just when I thought I'd never see another. Is there any rhyme or reason to these 2 year olds?

Well, I don't have any "new" pictures today, but I did find some really humorous old ones, of when Charlie and Blake were babies. Man, our kid was a beast. Remember, Blake was born 6 days BEFORE Charlie...
Here's Blake (in the carseat) visiting at the hospital right after Charlie was born:

Here they are (Charlie on left, Blake on right) a few weeks old:

Charlie's behind Blake in this one:

Okay, I don't know what the deal is with Blogger right now, but I'm not able to put the rest of the pictures on here, so I'll just end it here!

More next time! :)


Wilson Family said...

Wow, those pictures are unbelievable!! Thanks for sharing them!
As far as the nap thing goes, I say as long as he's not putting up a fuss might as well have him lay down for an hour or so... Then at least he has some down time (and Mommy does too!) =) Good luck! =)

Anonymous said... greater greater blessing!
Keep up the good work! He is just a very busy boy taking in all the wonders of Gods' creation. Enjoy! It goes by very fast, thank the Lord for an eternity to spend with your beautiful little boy!

SchwartzCats said...

I think I'll go take a nap... ;)