Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Premeditated poo-poo

I have a problem, people. My son is a habitual tub-pooper. It happened again today. About a half-hour ago, we were reading books. I said, "Charlie, when we finish this book, it's going to be time for you to take your bath."
He says, "Okay."
But then he kind of mutters to himself, "I gonna go poo-poo in the baf."
Me: "Charlie, what did you just say? Did you say you're gonna poop in the bath?"
Charlie, very serious: "Yeah."
Me: "No, that's not okay. If you are in the bath and you need to go poo-poo, you just say, 'Mommy, I need to go poo-poo.' And then I will take you out of the tub and put you on the potty and you can go poo-poo in the potty."
Charlie, nodding: "Okay, mommy."
Fast-forward to about 10 minutes ago. Charlie's in the tub. I'm cleaning the kitchen. From the bathroom, what do I hear? "Oh, that's my poo-poo." Sure enough, there is a very large poo-poo floating behind him in the tub. Argh! And it was premeditated!!!
Someone tell me what to do! I really can handle this whole parenting thing just fine for my first time, but I am baffled by this. It's like he saves up the poo for bath times. I'm getting so tired of fishing poo-poos out of the tub - so disgusting! What do I do???


Christi said...

Caden was the same exact way. It got so annoying. At first I didn't want to make a huge deal about it cause I didn't want him to have anxiety about poop. But what I had to end up doing was getting him out of the tub right away - not as a punishment - but as a natural consequence, cause you can't be in a tub that has poop in it. That always made him sad. I would try to remind him the next time, "Don't go poop in there because you want to stay in there and play." It still took a long time.

That picture of him is awesome by the way.

Wilson Family said...

Yucky - that's no fun!! I've never had to deal with that issue, but here would be my suggestions....
Perhaps have him sit on the toilet and try to do his business right before he gets in the bath. I'd have some favorite treat as an incentive if he's able to do that.

Also I'd stay close when he's in the tub and if you notice that he starts to go, immmediately take him out, put him on the toilet and let him know bath time is over.

Good luck my friend!

Christi said...

Caden pooped in the shower this morning...just kinda funny after I left you that long comment.

Pate Family said...

I had this problem-(but it was in the shower-I'm to lazy to give my kids baths). It was right before I potty trained Ainsley and I think it was more comfortable to just go then rather than in her diaper. We had to break the habit by just waiting and showers happened right after she had already gone. Worked great.

Eric & Leah said...

Let's be real folks. I'd just spank him. He obviously knows that he needs to go...and can hold it until he gets in there....so he can also hold it until he gets out- OR until he can get up on the potty.
Maybe I'm hardcore....but that's what I would do.

lori lls said...

So...there's something wrong with poo-pooing in the bathtub? But that's why they make a drain in it; I'm sure that's what Charlie was figuring.

Kidding. I'm filing away this little anecdote and all the advice for what's certain to be my own future poo-poo day. My child's poo-poo day, that is.

Anonymous said...

I know this was a frustrating thing for you, unfortunately you are a very good story teller, so to me it's HILARIOUS!