Sunday, September 16, 2007

Please, somebody tell me this is just a "stage"

Missing: Adorable 22-month-old boy named Charles, "Charlie" for short.

Likes to share toys with other children.
Says "Lub yoo" (love you) a lot.
Loves to laugh and wrestle and play.
Likes to ride in the car.

Loves to be tickled and held and kissed.
Settles into his bed nicely and peacefully during nap time and bed time.
When asked to come, comes happily.

Neatly places unwanted food items in the cup-holder spot of his highchair tray.
Takes binky at bed times and sometimes when riding in the car.
When handed something, says "dank doo" (thank you) very sweetly.

Found: 23-month-old boy (ironically, this child is also named Charles, "Charlie" for short)

Takes toys from other children.
Says "NO!!!" (no) a lot.
Likes to cry and whine and push.
Screams and writhes around as if in pain when put in car seat.
Becomes agitated when tickled, held or kissed unless HE is the one initiating.
Cries, throws tantrums, and "flops" when placed in bed - takes 20 - 30 minutes to stop crying and settle down to sleep.
When asked to come, cries and runs the other way.
Angrily flings unwanted food items from tray.
Binky seems to be permanently attached to the mouth - and when we are successful at prying it out, we usually end up quickly putting it BACK IN just to escape the ear-piercing screaming and whining that ensues.
When handed something, screams "NO!!!" and throws it back at whoever gave it to him.

Please, someone help us. We miss our sweet little boy desperately. If you have found him, please bring him back to us and we'll gladly trade you for the one WE have found.

Thank you,

Shawn and Marlene

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Wilson Family said...

When Kenneth was nearly two he was given a shirt that I believe sums it all up - - it said......

Warning! I'm Two!

Good Luck! We can relate, and trust us it won't last forever... Or at least thats what I tell myself..... =)

Barry said...

Welcome to REAL parenting. Great description!