Sunday, September 9, 2007

Operation Yellow Jacket

These 2 guys may look like your ordinary, run-of-the-mill fellas. Yes, both are fathers, husbands, card-carrying members of the local library, avid video-game players, and decent drivers. On any given day, one might see them and think to themselves, "Yes, fine citizens, going about their daily business and then going home to their loving families and peaceful, quiet lives."

But one would be wrong.

For at night, their heroism shines through the darkness. They wield their flashlights and their shovels and their hazardous sprays and take on the evils that lurk in the neighborhood: The Yellow Jackets.

Earlier this very evening, urged on by the gentle prodding of their wives, Mike and Shawn took on The Nest That Was Hiding In The Bricks By The Mailbox. For the wives had grown weary of fending off angry hornets while fetching the mail.

The 2 heroes ventured out into the darkness, brave, yet unprepared for the magnitude of what they were about to face. Mike made an initial spray of The Nest That Was Hiding In The Bricks By The Mailbox. Shawn, bravely holding the flashlight, heard the low, angry buzzing and was becoming concerned. Mike took the shovel and smashed it in between the bricks, breaking apart The Nest That Was Hiding In The Bricks By The Mailbox. The buzzing became louder and angrier, and the ever-brave Shawn dropped the flashlight and took off running toward the street as fast as his strong warrior legs could carry him. However, Shawn was forgetting one important truth: mailboxes do not move out of the way when men come charging at them.

So, no, the following picture is not of multiple bee stings, as one might expect after such a dangerous operation (and as one's wife might expect when her husband comes running and screaming into the house, pulling up his shirt to reveal multiple welts on his shoulder). It is photographical evidenct of the wounds sustained from an encounter with a strong mailbox, when attacked at full force:

The aftermath of The Nest That Was Hiding In The Bricks By The Mailbox:

Those bees didn't stand a chance.

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