Monday, August 27, 2007

Transient Synovitis

On Sunday morning, we got Charlie out of his crib and set him down on the floor. He started to take a step…and promptly fell over. He got up and did it again. At first we didn't realize what was going on…and we thought he was just being extra cranky and wanted to be held. But pretty soon, we realized there was something wrong with his right leg - every time he tried to step on it, he would fall down and start crying! It was so sad to watch. Well, we thought it was getting better, so we put him down for his nap around 11:00. When he woke up, it happened again. And again. And again! Charlie was so frustrated! He kept trying to walk and just falling down. It was the most pitiful thing! I called the doctor, and they said to take him in to Urgent Care…so off we went. The doctor came in and watched Charlie limp around and bent his legs into funny shapes and took his temp and told us it was probably something called "Transient Synovitis" - some sort of inflammation in his little hip joint, or at least she hoped that is what it was. There were a couple other things it could have been, so to rule anything worse out, they needed some blood. Shawn and I were prepared for the worst! How do you get blood out of a baby - a strong, 36 1/2 pound baby, at that?!?!?! So, we decided Shawn would hold him in his lap and I would do the necessary comforting and/or restraining. The lab ladies got all the needles and vials ready, put the tourniquet on his arm, and got out the "butterfly" needle. Then they proceeded to take 3 vials of blood out. And what did Charlie do the entire time? He sat there and watched them. He watched them stick the needle into his arm, and he watched his blood as it poured out of the tube and into the vials. NOT. ONE. PEEP. He just sat and very calmly watched what they were doing. The lab ladies said they have NEVER seen a child get blood drawn without crying and/or screaming and/or throwing a huge fit. I couldn’t even believe it - it was truly amazing to watch. We were pretty proud parents at that moment. What a tough little man he is!

Now it's Monday night and his blood work came out just fine and he's already walking better - just a little limp. Phew! Thank goodness for Transient Synovitis - and we thank God for our (relatively) healthy little boy. We know it could have been worse news (bone infection, or even leukemia) and so we are thankful for a little hip joint inflammation.

Well, not much else to say - but I'll share some cute videos from the past few days:

The following bath ones are from his bath tonight, just a couple hours ago...

"Hmmm, I think I'll set these little guys up here and then feed them all some dinner."

The Feeding, Part One

The Feeding, Part Two (Pretty much Shawn's favorite video of Charlie EVER!)

After a couple of the guys accidentally fell on the floor, the game quickly changed from "feed them all dinner" to "knock them all onto the floor"...

Helping daddy dig up the ground.

Charlie's favorite games right now are "make-believe" ones...usually involving baby dolls or little people. Here he has set up a baby in the toy high chair and he's feeding her. But then he realizes that her mouth is actually quite creepy looking...and he gets very concerned about it...

What do you think? Creepy or not creepy? I say creepy.

Putting baby to bed...or maybe throwing a plate at her.

Awww...buddies. This moment calls for a hug.

"Okay, now get off me, man!"

The boys getting into Ellie's play make-up...yes, those are pink cleats on Charlie's feet. What can I say? They are comfortable with their masculinity...and it's waaaay fun to get into Ellie's things when she's not home...

"Pass the mascara, man."

"What do you think, flat iron or should I just go natural today?"

Trying out some new words.

Eating, and spilling, some applesauce.

We went shopping and got Shawn some fancy new clothes for he is, giving his best "dapper" look...

Okay, I just looked up "dapper" on (because, yes, I am a nerd that way) and it said, I kid you not, "dap-per -adjective 1. neat; trim; smart: He looked very dapper in his new suit." HA!!!

See ya later!

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Wilson Family said...

Wow Marlene!!! You are amazing! I give you the reward for the longest posts! Kuddos to you! They are really fun to read! I love watching the videos too! Charlie is such a cute little guy, I just love him! I'm so glad to hear that everything is ok with him! I'll talk to you more soon!
Jen =)

tim | helen | adia | kalanie said...

he is so so cute....he needs to come teach adia how to eat all by herself....he's great with a spoon.
i am guessing work starts soon for you all???