Saturday, July 14, 2007


I need help! I want to post "part 2" of our little family history, but there are 2 things about this whole "blogger" experience that are driving me nuts!

A PRIZE* for the first person to answer the following 2 questions:

1. Why don't my pictures enlarge when you click on them? You get the little "pointy-hand" thing when you scroll over them, but when you click on them there is no link that opens up a bigger picture in a new screen...

2. How in the world do you format a blog with lots of pictures without having to constantly re-space, re-size and re-format the whole thing every time you add a picture?!

* PRIZE = The joy in your heart of knowing that you helped a friend in need!


Greg and Andrea said...

hmmm...I wondered why your pictures didn't enlarge when I clicked on them. Are they scanned? I don't have to respace, resize, or reformat when I add a picture. Have you tried using Picasa (free photo program from Google)? It has it's frustrating quirks, too, but I like it. Good luck!

rdnaharding said...

I find it helps to add the pictures first and then add the wording...realizing that the first 5 photos you add will move down as you add 5 more at a time. I don't have to resize my photos at all, are you sure they are jpegs? Because some of my photos are scanned, some off discs and some of my camera card, so they are all different sizes and I have never had a problem.
Hope that helped.

tim | helen | adia | kalanie said...

yeah i do all the pictures first and get them in the order i want and then go back and add any words.
it is a bit frustrating having to go back and forth a bit but i have found that it's the best way for me.
i also haven't had to resize my pictures. so not sure how to help you there.
not sure that helps at all. :(