Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Slacker, yep that's me.

Wow, it's been a while! I'm almost 24 weeks along with little BOY #2, and he seems to be very healthy - and he reminds me of this often with LOTS of kicking around in there. He is especially fond of giving my bladder a good beating... No seriously, though. He. Is. VERY. Fond.

Here are a couple pictures taken just yesterday - Shawn took some of me when I realized we don't have ANY pictures yet of this pregnancy. Oops! So. We were originally thinking about the name "Tucker" for the little guy. Shawn and I both really like it, and so does Charlie. we're leaning a little more towards "Drew", short for "Andrew" (Shawn's middle name). WE CAN'T DECIDE! Any opinions? Votes? Complaints???

In other news, we had some real good, but short-lived, March snow! Here's out our front window, looking at the driveway.

And the barn - so pretty!

Charlie even got a real live icicle out of the deal! In case you were wondering, Charlie is still into making creepy/odd lego creations - daily. Here's a small sampling of the kinds of things I find around the house.

"Dinosaur Head Man" and his crew of "Black-Headed White Skeleton with One Black Arm and One Black Leg" and a random assortment of "Bad Animals" and "Guys with Frogs on Their Heads Holding Bad Animals". We find lots of "Totem Poles" around, too. Here's a "Totem Pole-Headed Snow-Boarder" and his friends, "The White-Bearded Fisherman", "Indiana Jones" (who just happens to ALWAYS be the star and ALWAYS be the one everyone loves), and last but not least, "White-Head Covering, Four-Legged Computer-Hunchback Guy".

"But Mars, what do you mean, 'Four-Legged Computer-Hunchback'?", you ask? See for yourself. Pure creepiness, I tell you.

Charlie has got to be just the coolest kid ever. He has the sweetest heart and spirit I have ever seen. He told me yesterday, "Mom, everyone gets to choose what they are going to be. Good or bad." Me: "What are you going to choose to be?" Charlie: "Oh, mom. I already chose. I'm good."

Also yesterday, I told him the baby can hear him now, from inside my tummy. He immediately puts his face right up to my stomach, and says, in a very serious and strong, yet sweet voice, "I love you."

Does it get any sweeter than that?

Cousin Blake has been really sick for a few months - and now has mono! :( But that won't keep us away! I'm not saying we don't bring our Purell along...but, Charlie still gets to hang with his best buddy. Here they are, a very feverish Blake and his bud Charlie joining him in his little quarantined area to keep him company, or as it may be, just boss him around a little. ;)


Anonymous said...

My vote: "Like" Tucker, but LOVE Drew :-)

The Miller Family said...

#1 I love the pic of you and little boy #2

#2 I love Charlie's smile in the background of the totem pole pic.

#3 Very sweet pic of charlie with blake in pre-mono-diagnosis-stage...still praying charlie doesn't come down with it in 3-5 weeks.

Shannon Moritz said...

I vote for Drew. I think Tucker is cute, but I like how Drew sounds with Fletcher :) Love the prego pictures. We have a lego-lover at our house too, he's almost 9. Sorry, it really doesn't end any time soon. Unless, of course, you pack them away for a while when the new baby becomes mobile... total choking hazard!

Betsy Logan said...

I have always viewed the names "Andrew" "Drew" and "Andy" as three very different names even though they all come from one. But I obviously think Andrew in any form is an excellent name for a son!

Christi said...

Love both of those names! They sound like two completely different's so crazy how we choose our kid's names that they will have FOREVER. It's really cool that Drew comes from his Daddy's middle name, so I'm voting for that :)

Wilson Family said...

I vote for Andrew or "Drew." But I think I'm partial to that name for some reason.... =)

Elaine said...

I think both names are cool. I'd probably go for the family name though. That would be special for them to share. :)
BTW- you look great in your prego pictures.

Eric 'n Leah said...

Drew. Do it!!! Not that Tucker isn't totally adorable....but Drew is just super-totally my humble opinion.