Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our little Joseph

Charlie had his Kindergarten Christmas program tonight! He played Joseph. There he is in the middle, the big tall one.
It cracks me up that he's a year younger than most of these kiddos, but almost a whole head taller!

He did great, but was pretty stone-faced through the whole thing. I think he was taking his role very seriously, trying not to mess up or forget anything. :)

There's a little smile for his teacher. :)

Here was his first little "solo" line. He's saying, "T is tidings, shepherds heard that day."

And his second. He actually sang a line in a song. Then he tries to hand the mic to the girl next to him but she's oblivious so he kind of does the silly dance trying to figure out what to do with it! (His line here was, "In all that push and shove.")

I got all teary eyed watching our big boy up there on the stage. It completely amazes me how quickly the years go by as a parent. I just stared at him, and replayed in my mind pictures of day they handed him to me in the hospital for the first time. Remembering his chunky little baby stages. His wobbly toddler stages.

My goodness, he's not a baby, not even a toddler anymore. Can't we just slow down the clock for a while? I sure love that boy, our little Joseph.


The Miller Family said...

I am one proud Auntie! Way to go Charlie! Maybe if I show these to Blake I can talk him into being in the Cornerstone play this year with Charlie the STAR! He is so AWESOME!

lori said...

Strong work, Charlie!

Christmas is a time, Christmas is a time, Christmas is a time to looooove (as well as to get a real kick out of kids during their Christmas programs).

I sing that song all through the year, just because it's so darling.