Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Great Chicken Escape

A few weeks back, Shawn decided it was time to let the chickens try out their new headquarters he'd been building for them out in the garden. The Millers were coming out that day, so we figured we'd have some help steering the chickens into the direction of the garden. We grabbed sticks and created a kind of "human chicken run" to lead them in.
Sounds reasonable, right?
Here's Charlie, ready to round up some chickens with his "chicken stick":

Christine and Blake's air-tight security gate:

What hen in her right mind would dare cross the path of these two?

Here they come!

In my defense, I was not merely standing around, taking pictures. I was also laughing at them. Really hard.

Almost there:

You see the orange one on the right, looking off to the side with that sneaky gleam in her eye?

She was headed for Starbucks, I'd like to think:

"Here chicky, chicky..."

"There's a mocha with your name on it over at your new coop..."

Finally, there she is checking out her new area - or, trying to find that mocha:

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