Monday, January 25, 2010

My Boys

I just got back from a Home Depot run to pick up some "6-inch C Clamps" (ended up getting the wrong thing, but that's another story...), and this is what was going down as I opened the front door. Some sort of impromptu song-and-dance-while-getting-your-jammies-on gig.

And here's a little clip of Charlie explaining how something works to Shawn - it is especially funny to me because this is exactly what Shawn does for Charlie when he's explaining "how stuff works", pretty much a daily occurrence around here.

Charlie has so much fun with his daddy - wrestling, making up silly songs, making banana pancakes, working on chicken coop or house projects, and, of course, having Shawn draw out explanations of "how stuff works" (anything from underground aquifers to plant roots to how our bodies take vitamins out of the foods we eat - seriously, Charlie LOVES learning about this kind of stuff).

It's just lovely to watch these two together and I'm blessed beyond blessed to have both of them to call my own little family. :)


Elaine said...

It is fun to see the relationship between daddy and sons.

The videos wouldn't play for me, but I can imagine the dance was very entertaining!:)

Stephanie L. said...

OK.. Mars... I seriously love this kid! I love to see him let loose. The girls were cracking up. I love the 'explanation' to Shawn. Our kids sure are listening, even when we don't think they are!

Melissa said...

What a nut! I've watched his little song/dance about 100 times. The kids and I just crack up every time.

Erika said...

Oh man, looks like Charlie has been watching a little Beyonce? "All the Single Ladies" anyone? What a stinkin cutie! And seriously how precious is the video with he and Shawn? Shawn looks completely entralled by him! Love your family!