Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bedtime Prayers

So, although you can't actually "see" anything in the video, it is SO worth taking a listen to - it is about the cutest thing ever.

Here's a transcript, in case you don't speak "Charlie".

"Lord Jesus. thanks for...being up there in the sky. So people won't - so the little guys, and the big people won't be so alone, be afraid of monsters. Cuz you're so, kind of like, you're big and kind of like as big as a giant and, well, look kind of like a duck. And thank you for protecting us from those monsters and ... thanks for making videos and books in the whole wide world and thank you for making cars so people, so we can drive. And, um-ee, thank you for making strollers for when our cars are, when all of our cars run out of gas and cuz our stroller doesn't have gas in it so we can just ride all the time. And, eeh, thanks for making other houses cuz I like to visit a lot...because, um, when people are all alone and they don't have their mommy and daddy, when they're not where they are then they stay home, cuz their mom and dad go somewhere else and it's night and the little guys are already in bed, um, thank you for being ... and you can be in the house when there's a monster up there and ... it's just pretend monsters in the whole wide world. AMEN!"

Our baby chicks are growing fast.
Charlie spends a lot of time making little "houses" and things for them.They spend a lot of time strutting around the house like big shots....
and I, in turn, spend a lot of time following them around cleaning up all their little messes.
(We lost our little black chick a few days ago. She just kind of stopped growing and one morning we woke up and she was gone. :( So, we're down to just the brown and yellow one now.)

Let's play "Name That Cop"Yes, folks, it's none other than the beautiful and famous Officer Devonna. Nikki, Charlie and I spent the better part of an entire Saturday hunting around the Hawthorne area on foot (and in stroller) for this celebrity.

Remember the game you used to play as a kid called "telephone"? Well, we had a grown-up, real-life version. Devonna told Nikki she'd be at 39th & Lincoln. Nikki thought she said 30th and Lincoln. So, Nikki tells me 30th and Lincoln and what do I hear? 20th and Lincoln. So...we park at 20th and Hawthorne, thinking we only have to walk a couple blocks over to Lincoln. Only to learn (to my dismay and Nikki's UTTER JOY!!!) that we are 20 blocks off. It was a day of WALKING, to say the least!

It was well worth the hunt - we got to stand at the street corner and smile and wave and snap pictures like the paparazzi for about 10 minutes...and then we had to "move along folks"! way or another we always end up at Starbucks. :)
Ivan and Melissa finally got to welcome little baby Ava into the world! Isn't she gorgeous?!Proud cousin Ellie
Sorry it's been so long - blame it on the summer!!!


Napkin's Family said...


Elisha said...

That is so precious and so awesome that you have it on tape! Little one's prayers are most often heart melting in their randomness and pure simplicity. Thanks for sharing!

lori lls said...

Cute little chickies, Mars!

I don't totally get the cop celebrity thing, but yes, she is lovely. Is she also on t.v. for something?

As far as Charlie's prayer, I really needed to hear that today. I'll be posting a link to it on my own blog right about now. My husband is going to absolutely love the part about riding around in strollers since they don't need gas.

The Miller Family said...

Charlie I loved your prayer! That was beautiful.

Wilson Family said...

Wow, what a prayer. That will be a treasure for years to come!

Ronald D. Mason said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful prayer with me. What a cutie! Uncle Ron, Wichita

Lindsay said...

I just listened to Chralie's prayer....I was snorting laughing, yet got tears in my eyes. It's just the cutest thing! Thanks for sharing.

Rachel Clear said...

Yes! Awesome prayer. His little voice... too cute.

Reminds me of that video where he and Shawn were making up lyrics and singing. He likes to say "little guy"... I love that.

Barry Arnold said...

That prayer is PRICELESS!

lori lls said...


Marlene. Stop everything. HOW THE HECK DO YOU KNOW BARRY ARNOLD? HOW???

We know Darris, his brother, from Anchorage, and all of Darris and Debbie's children. Dayn is a very good friend of ours. He would be Barry's nephew.

I am flabbergasted to pieces right now. What is going ON here? They aren't even Church of God people.

Mars said...

He's our pastor (at Cornerstone in Gresham). That is so funny - what a small world. :)
And, yes, we love him lots!

Rachel Clear said...

Had to log on and listen to the prayer AGAIN. I just love it, love it.

And thanks for your encouragement, Mars. It means a lot. I love hearing stories about when it DOES work out, so thank you.

I had no idea all you went through... amazing. Thank you for sharing and for being so compassionate.

lori lls said...

Isn't that something? Sheesh.

Sometimes I wonder if there are only a few thousand people in the world...or at least in our country, and this idea of 7 billion is just a conspiracy. Then I drive to big cities and I see, "Oh, nope. There are a lot of us." But it is weird how often you circle around to the same people.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Too cute!! :) I love how children are so honest in their prayers while we grownups think we aren't doing it right if we don't make something proper and fancy out of it. :)