Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rainrock remembered

Three of my favorite people:

Devonna (aka "The Officer"), Nikki (aka "Rainrock's Alarm Clock"), and Polly (aka "My Chollo")

Last weekend was the Rainrock retreat, and I got to hang out with these 3 awesome girls for 3 days (along with about 8 other very awesome girls, as well).
Unfortunately...I didn't take any pictures at the actual retreat. I brought my camera, but I totally forgot to use it! Ooops. So, I found some old Rainrock pictures and thought I'd post them here for fun. Hope you don't mind, girls... :)
POLLY & DEVONNA with contraband
POLLY & ME making the crappiest gingerbread house ever created...
NIKKI & POLLY with even more contraband
POLLY & NIKKI the sports freaks
NIKKI eating RICE, yes RICE!!!
NIKKI & ME hanging out in her room at Rainrock
ME, NIKKI & POLLY on the way back from snow-shoeing on Christmas Day
Love ya, Nikki.
Nikki brought Charlie this totally cool glow-in-the-dark shirt from Minnesota.
Nikki, Devonna and I went out to Edgefield when we got back to Portland

I love you guys. I miss you so much. I don't know what else to say, there's so much to say, but not here. I just miss you girls.
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Nik said...

I love you Mars and Polly and Devonna!! I had a blast in Portland and appreciate all that you do for me. You are such a big part of my life and a huge support.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your friendships,
via the blog. Rain Rock,rocks!

Ya Carol