Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nacho Libre!

YaYa Carol went down to Mexico and brought these great "Nacho Libre" masks back for Charlie and Blake. At first, Charlie wouldn't put his on, but then he didn't want to take it off. He even wanted to go to bed with it on last night - but, I thought to myself, "That's gotta be some sort of choking/suffocating hazard". So the very disappointing answer was "no" (I know, I am NO FUN at all).

Playing in the big tunnel with Ellie and Mia.

Out in the heat with Ellie and Blake, splashin' around in the white trash pool** filled with random kitchen utensils:

(**white trash pool not pictured - apparently I was too busy focusing on the kids and forgot to get a shot of it...but you get the point - just think $9.99 at Fred Meyers, can also double as a sand box/cat litter box)

Rhododendron Gardens with Bryan and April:
That's April in the background:
Feeding the ducks/geese with Shawn:

This was a really cool duck - it had a bright blue beak, and it would dive way down into the water looking for food:

This little duck was pretty fun, too:

Look at ALL that POO on the ground! :)

Kinda blurry, but I LOVE that smile:

Reading letters off of a sign:

A fun day!
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Anonymous said...

I love viewing your Blog!

lori lls said...

Looks like a fun day! That duck shot is especially pretty.

Those nacho libre masks bring back a sad memory for me. I had seen masks in Mexico about a year ago and debated over getting some for my brothers. I refused to pay their asking price, and they would NOT come down, despite my best bartering efforts. It made me so mad that I walked. Later I started to feel bad that I had been so concerned with saving a couple dollars from people who had hand-made these masks for their living, I mean, for food for their family! It was like I thought of Mexico as a child (based on prices when I was there years ago) and was refusing to let her grow up and charge normal prices.

So it makes me happy that somebody bought 'em. Maybe she got them at the same booth. Just maybe.