Sunday, February 3, 2008

2 weeks!!!

Yep, I'll be home in 2 weeks!  I'm so excited.  :)
Some recent pics...

Shannon, Alex and Nikki.  Shannon was my therapist, this was right before she left - she is an amazing woman.  I really miss her.  Alex?  Alex is just plain awesome.  Nikki is probably my closest friend here at Rainrock.  I love her to bits - she is hilarious.  Oh yeah, she's also my fellow prankster.

The performance of a lifetime.

Me, Polly and Lauren

Arm wrestling Lepha (I lost)

My little knitting apprentice, Lauren. 
This is at the bowling alley - she's choosing knitting over bowling - yes!

Polly, Adriana, Lauren, Lepha and me at PF Changs.

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The Miller Family said...

It's good to see pictures of you....can't wait to see you in person. You are in my constant prayers. Maybe I will even see you on Wed???
Love Ya,